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  • Main Mark: Africa , Americas , Asia , Caribbean , East Europe , Europe , Middle East , North Europe , Oceania , Other Markets , West Europe , Worldwide
  • Exporter:91% - 100%
  • Certs:CE, ISO9001
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About Us

Yixing Futao Metal Structural Unit Co Ltd is com manded of Jiangsu Futao Group It is located in the beach of scenic and rich Taihu Yixing with good transport service The company is well equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities We own a large sized numerical control hydraulic pressure folding machine with once folding length 16 000mm and the thickness 2 25mm We also equipped with a series of numerical control conveyor systems of flattening cutting folding and auto welding we could manufacture all kinds of steel poles and steel towers Our main products high medium mast lighting road lighting power poles sight lamps courtyard lamps lawn lamps traffic signal poles monitor poles microwave...

Categories and Products

Steel Pole

Octagonal Pole

33FT 35FT Octagonal Galvanized Fiber Optic Pole 110KV power transmission electrical steel pole 11kv Octagonal Power Poles With Buried 12 Meters Galvanized Power Octagonal Lighting Poles 11.9 Meters Octagonal Power Lighting Poles 9 Meters Dodecagon Octagonal Shape Lighting Pole Power 14M Lighting Fixtures Columns With Octagonal Poles 12 Meters Octagonal Columns Poles For Lighting 8 Meters Lighting Columns With 100W LED Light 

Galvanized Steel Pole

10KV 11KV 38KV Galvanized steel pole Galvanized steel Utility pole Galvanized tapered steel poles 11M Galvanized Steel poles Single circuit Octagonal steel Electric poles Octagonal Galvanized utility steel pole 9M 30FT Galvanized Steel Pole 9M 30FT Galvanized Electric steel Pole 14M Octagonal Electric Power Pole 30M Galvanized Telephone Steel Pole 14m electrical power steel poles 10.5m Electric power transmission lines steel pole FU TAO Galvanized Electric steel Pole 10m galvanized steel electric power poles Hot Dip Galvanized 20m High Mast Steel Pole Hot DIP Galvanized 25m High Mast Steel Pole Hot DIP Galvanized 30m High Mast Steel Pole 20M Galvanized High Mast Light Pole 25M Galvanized High Mast Lighting Steel 30M High Mast Lighting Tower 

Steel Electric Pole

Steel Galvanized Electric Power Pole 11 Meters Electric Transmission Power Pole steel monopole for 132kv 138kv 169kv galvanized steel electric power transmission monopole 35kv polygon galvanized steel electric power poles Electric Steel Power Distribution Pole Angle Galvanized 90 Degree Power Pole 169KV Electric transmission Steel power poles 35 FT steel electric power poles FU-TAO Hot Dip Galvanized Electric Pole 11kv 33kv 35kv Octagonal Electric Pole 110kv 132kv Galvanized polygonal electric power pole 132Kv Steel Transmission Pole 110KV power transmission galvanized steel pole 12M 14M Galvanized Power Pole For Electric Octagonal Shape 30FT 35FT Electric Pole Galvanized steel poles for electric Hot dip galvanized electric poles for transmission OEM 138V electric steel poles Hot Sales electric transmission poles 

Steel Tubular Pole

Steel electric Tubular poles Galvanized Steel Tubular Pole 18M height steel Tubular Pole Steel Electric Tubular pole for electricity project Steel Lighting Tubular Pole 11M 35FT Galvanized Steel Tubular Pole 14m galvanized steel electric pole Quality Galvanized Polygonal Power Poles Quality Galvanized Steel Electric Tubular Pole Galvanized Electric Steel Power Distribution Poles Electric steel poles transmission tower lines Galvanized Electrical Power Transmission Tower 10Meters Steel Terminal Power Pole Galvanized 30M Steel Tubular High Mast Pole 10M 12M Tubular Steel Posts With Galvanized 35M Tubular Steel Lighting Posts 

Transmission Line Steel Pole

11 Meters Power Distribution Equipment poles 10kv 138kv power transmission line poles 132Kv Transmission Line Towers electric transmission tower pole 10mm Thickness High Voltage Steel Transmission Tower Double circuit Transmission line steel pole Hot Dip Galvanized Transmission Line Pole 11.5m 12m Transmission Power Poles With Galvanized 33Kv 12 M Octagonal Transmission Lines Steel Poles 9M 12M 14M Transmission Line Steel Poles FT 11m 1500dan electrical galvanized steel pole FUTAO 8-20m Hot Dip Galvanizd Electric Poles 110KV Octagonal Hot Dip Galvanizd Electric Poles FT Painted Octagonal 1.0 safty 8m steel pole FT Galvanized 11m 800dan Electrical Steel Pole FT 69kv power distribution octagonal steel pole FT 11m 2KN electrical steel galvanized pole FT 11m 300dan Electrical Galvanized Steel Pole FT 9M 11M Galvanized Octagonal Electric Steel Pole FT 10m 11m 12m electrical poles 

Round Taper Steel Pole

25 Meters Tapered Steel Poles With Foundations 

Poles For Electric

38KV Steel Pole for electric 

3-12M Steel Poles

3-12M Steel Poles For Street 3-12M High Way Galvanized Steel Light Poles Hot Dip Galvanized 3-12M Light Pole 3-12M Galvanized Steel Camera Poles For High Way 3-12M Steel Light Pole OEM Galvanized 

Steel Power Pole

220KV STEEL POWER POLE 9m 11m low voltage galvanized steel power pole 10-500kv New Design High Quality Steel Power Pole 11M 35FT Steel Power Pole 100FT Steel Power Pole For Double Circuit Hot Rolled Steel Electricity Power Pole 27M Power Poles With Terminal Pole 11kv 9m 630daN Electric Power Pole 33kv 35kv 11m 1200daN Electric Steel Pole 35KV 400daN With Steel Power Poles 11M 12M 600daN 1200daN Electric Power Poles 20KV 1000 daN 10M 12M Electric Power Poles 50FT 65FT Power Pole For Electrical 11M 12M Steel Power Poles With Galvanized 33KV 30FT 35FT 40FT Power Post 35 Kv octagonal Power Poles With Galvanizing Low Voltage 12M Galvanizing Electric Poles 14M Power Poles With Slip Joint Type 30 Foot Steel Power Poles 

Polygonal Steel Pole

Double circuit polygonal steel poles 60FT 18M Galvanized Polygon Electric Steel Pole 115Kv Galvanized Polygonal Steel Poles 132Kv High Voltage Electric Polygonal Steel Pole 18M Polygonal Floodlighting Pole With Galvanized 

Steel Monopole

25m Outdoor Galvanized Steel Monopole Price 50m Outdoor Galvanized Steel Monopole 

Metal Pole

30M 25M Metal Street Light Poles 20 M Galvanized Round Metal Lighting Pole 

Communication Pole

40m GSM Galvanized Steel Telecommunication Tower Steel Galvanized Communications pole Steel galvanized microwave communications pole 36M Microwave Communications Poles Steel Hot Dip Galvanized Microwave Communication Pole 18M 24M 30M Telecommunication Communication Tower 95FT Monopole Tower For communications Communication Pole With Triangular Work Platform 30M Cell Tower and Antenna Slip joint Hot Dip Galvanized Communication Monopole Pole Wifi Tower Cellular Tower for communication pole Good quality telephone poles communication pole steel communication tower pole steel antenna towers Hight Quality 30m Monopole Towers Galvanized Telecommunications monopole Tower For Antenna Steel Monopole Gsm Antenna Mast Communication Towers Galvanized 36M Communication Tower with Antennas 40M Communication Pole With Galvanized Polygon Shape 35m Communication Pole With Antennas 25M Galvanized Monopole Communication Pole 

Lamp Pole

Steel Light Pole

3-12 meters Galvanized Steel Street Lamp Pole galvanized driveway steel light poles 8m Hdg Single Arm Octagonal Street Light Poles FU-TAO Galvanized Solar Steel Light Pole FU-TAO Q235 Galvanized Solar Steel Light Pole 9M Galvanized Street Light Pole 9m Galvanized Street Lighting Pole 10M LED Street Light Pole 10M LED Street Lighting Pole 12M Galvanized Road Light Pole 12M Galvanized Road Lighting Pole 6M Galvanized Outdoor Lighting Pole 6M Single Arm Outdoor Lighting Pole Galvanized 10m Double Arm Lighting Pole 12M Octagonal Shape Street Poles With Single Arm 9M Single Arm Light Pole 9M Double Arm Light Pole 10M Single Arm Light Poles 10M Double Arm Light Poles FUTAO Galvanized Round Tapered Seel Lighting Pole Price 

Street Light Pole

galvanized steel street light pole 11 M Outdoor Lighting Poles For Street 6-12 meters Solar Power Energy Street Light Pole 11 Meters Galvanized Outdoor Pole For Lighting 6-12 meters single or double arm outside lighting Single Or Double Arm Galvanized Street Light Pole solar power steel street light pole price double-arm hot dip galvanized street light pole 2017 costomer double and single arm light poles 6-12 Meters Single Double Arm Street Lighting Pole Outdoor solar wind street Lamp post for sale Solar energy street light poles 6M 8M 12M street poles 20 meters galvanized steel lighting poles Galvanized City street light poles 30FT Galvanized street poles 10M Galvanized Double Arm Octagonal Street Pole 40FT Conial Street Pole For Galvanized 3M 6M 8M 10M Octagonal Street Light Pole solar power energy street light poles 

Lighting Pole

Galvanized City roads lighting pole 6m 8m 12m Round Tapered Octagonal Lighting Pole Galvanized steel lighting pole Single Arm Street Lighting Poles 9M Single arm lamp post For Street custom street light pole With Galvanized 7 Meters Hot Dip Galvanized lamp post Double arm steel pole for streets 25m 30m High Mast With Football Field 9-12 Meters galvanized light poles for street Hot Dip Galvanized Lamp Post Light double arm steel light poles for street 5-12 Meters Steel Lamp Post For Highways 12M Street Lighting Pole With High Sodium Lamp 10M 1.5M Length Single Arm Lighting Poles 12M Single Arm Light Pole HDG Steel Lamp Poles Q235 Steel 12M Street Poles 10M 12M Polygonal steel lighting poles 12M Lighting Column With Single Arm 

Lamp Post

11M Galvanized Lamp post Galvanized Powder Coated Conical lamp post 40FT 12M Lmap Post For City Main Roads 8m 11m Solar Lamp Pole For High Way Galvanized Steel Lamp Light Post For Highway 12M Round Single Bracket Lamp post 9M Double Bracket Octagonal Shap Lamp post 9M Lamp Post With Vertical Arm Outdoor 9 M 11 M Galvanized Lighting Post Double Arm Lamp Post With 9M 12 Meter Lamp Post With LED Projection 

Single Arm Type Pole

single arm or double arm steel lamp poles 12M Single Arm Type steel light pole Galvanized 

Electric Pole

Electric Transmission Pole

transmission line power pole 33KV Distribution Transmission Steel Power Poles 110KV and 35KV Two-Circuit Angle Power Pole Galvanized steel transmission line towers 35KV 69kv 132kv 138kv Electric Pole 138KV Steel Electric Power Pole With Base 169KV Transmission Electric Steel Pole with rung ladder Electric Power Transmission poles Galvnaized Steel Electric Power Pole 220KV Galvanized transmission Electrical Steel Pole Transmission Galvanized Steel Electric Pole Power Distribution Equipment Electrical Pole High Quality Galvanized steel Electric Poles high voltage power transmission steel electric pole 9m galvanized Octagonal Electrical Steel Poles 10m galvanized Octagonal Electrical Steel Poles 11m galvanized Octagonal Electrical Steel Pole 12m galvanized Octagonal Electrical Steel Poles 35FT Galvanized Octagonal Electrical Steel Poles Galvanized Electric Pole Trasmission Tower 

Monopole Tower

steel electric pole monopole Hot Dip Galvanized Monopole Tower With Template Base 95FT Galvanized Monopole tower Telecommunication steel monopole towers 100FT Monopole Tower For communications 60FT 30M Monopole Tower 12M 24M 30M Monopole Tower Galvanized Commication Monopole Antenna Hot dip galvanized steel monopole for antenna 65FT Galvanized steel monopole Radio tower 70FT 80FT Galvanized monopole steel pole Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Towers Monopole 48M Monopole Towers With 2 Layers Platform 36M Galvanized Telecom Monopole Tower Made Of steel 30M Polygon Shape Monopole Towers 60ft Galvanized Monopole Tower 30M Monopole Towers With Galvanized Slip Joint 4G Galvanized And Painting 30M Monopole Tower 35M Tapered Shape Monopole Towers 25M Galvanized Telecom Monopole Tower 

Power Pole/Tower

220kv Galvanizing Substation framework 11KV Steel tubular Electric transmission pole Hot Dip Galvanized power pole 66KV 220KV galvanized Power pole Electric Power Transmission Tower Pole Dodecagon 10m Power Pole With Fiber Optic Cable 38kv 14m Power Pole with Single Circuit Octagonal 10m 12.2m Electric Power Post Low Voltage 33kv 10m 11m 12m Electric Poles High Voltage 115Kv 132Kv 21M 24M Power Post/Pole 10M 11M Power Tower For Electricity 12M Galvanized Electrical Power Towers 

High Mast Lighting

hot dip galvanized outdoor high mast light pole 30 Meters High Mast Lights For Stadiums Steel Galvanized Stadium Light Pole 20-45 meters steel light pole for stadium lighting 20-45 meters high mast lighting 6X800W HPS lamp with high mast lighting pole Projection Type High Mast Lighting Poles 30m Octagonal High Mast Lighting Hot dip galvanized outdoor high mast light poles 20 Meters 45 meters high mast lighting poles 21M High Mast Lighting Poles Octagonal Street Lighting High Mast Poles 30m High Mast Lighting Poles Application Airport 30m 40m High Mast Application Football Field Galvanized High Mast With Sodium Lamp Dodecagon High Mast Pole With Metal Halide Lamp 30m High Mast With Round Crown 1000W Lamp 25M High Mast Football Stadium For 600W high mast lamp steel pole hot dip galvaized multisided high mast pole 

Signal Pole

Traffic Signal Pole

8m Height 17m Length Galvanized Traffic Signal Post Single or double arm traffic signal poles two-armed traffic signal pole City without traffic light pole single arm new design traffic signal pole HDG traffic signals Steel poles Traffic pole and galvanized steel traffic sign poles 8 Meters Steel traffic signal pole 8M Galvanized traffic signal pole Hot Galvanized Steel 10M Traffic Signal Poles Galvanized Steel Traffic Camera Pole Galvanized Steel Road Traffic Pole Galvanized Steel Traffic Sign Pole 6m Galvanized Steel Camear Pole Galvanized CCTV Camera Pole Customized Hot Dip Galvanized Cctv Pole Mount Hot dip galvanized steel cctv mounting poles OEM CCTV camera mast poles Hot Sales CCTV steel poles Steel Poles for CCTV Monitoring 

Monitor Pole

steel galvanized highway monitor traffic sign pole steel galvanized monitor pole Galvanized Steel Monitor Steel Pole 6M Steel Camera Monitor Pole Galvanized Steel Camera Monitor Pole 

Sign Post

Galvanized Steel Road Sign Pole Sign Post 5.8x 6 meters Solar Traffic Signal Pole 


polygonal cctv camera mast column 30m Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Tower Pole Modern techniques hot selling transmission telecom pole 35M 36M Monopole Tower With Wireless Equipment Galvanized 25M Monopole Tower With Antennas 30M 35M Monopole Steel Tower Monopole Trasmission Tower with Antenna and Microwave Dish 30m 35m Communication Monopole Tower 30m Galvanized Steel Mono Telecom Tower 30m 35m Polygon Monopole Trasmission Tower 110kv Monopole Trasmission Tower 30m 35m Monopole Trasmission Tower 132KV Monopole Trasmission Tower Steel Octagonal Telecom GSM Monopole High Quality 30m Galvanized Steel Monopole 30m Communication Monopole Tower 35M 36M Polygonal HDG Monopoles 60FT Monopole Steel tower HDG 35M Octagonal Monopole 85FT Monopole Steel Tower 

galvanized steel pole

15 Meters-45 Meters High Mast Lighting Hot Dip Galvanized High Mast Lighting With Lamps Hot Dip Galvanized 30M High Mast Light Pole 30M High Mast Led Lighting Pole 35M High Mast For Stadium Lighting Galvanized 25M Stadium Lighting Mast 15m Swing Down High Mast Lighting Pole 20 Meters Swing Down High Mast Lighting Poles 35M High Mast Lighting For Foundation Design 25 Meters Floodlight Columns For Lighting 

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